About Us

Piekos Appraisals has been established for over twenty years and specializes in the valuation of residential real property, including single family attached and detached, condominiums and 2-4 multi-family housing. All reports are written according to USPAP, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD/FHA & VA guidelines. And we already have experience in using the new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac appraisal forms. Piekos Appraisals serves most of the Chicago metropolitan area, and is competitively priced for the services we offer, including electronic reporting.


Paul & Joe PiekosJoseph started Piekos Appraisals in the early 1980's. Paul Piekos joined his father in the mid '80s. Paul is an active member, and Joe is a retired member of the Appraisal Institute, and both have been awarded the SRA designation, the highest distinction that can be earned by a residential appraiser. To maintain their designation, SRA members are required to participate in continuing education programs more stringent than the minimum state requirements, assuring our customers that we are up to date on the latest valuation procedures and technology. Both Joseph and Paul Piekos are also FHA approved and are on the Chicago HUD/FHA Lender Selection Roster. Paul also attended the first seminar given nationwide on FHA's new "Homebuyer Protection Plan", and was one of the first FHA appraisers to be retested for the new program, as well as one of the first to receive a Certificate of Training by the FHA. Paul is a state certified FHA appraiser. Paul is also one of the latest appraisers to be approved as a VA appraiser. Paul also has training regarding the new Fannie Mae Market Conditions Form 1004MC, ensuring clients and customers will have an accurate reporting of the latest market trends! Piekos Appraisals is UAD compliant and Paul has received the latest training in completing and transmitting reports under the new Uniform Mortgage Data Program.


Use Piekos Appraisals for Zero Callbacks!Lenders, if your company does a lot of FHA business, you’ll be happy to know that both appraisers were formerly on the Chicago FHA Fee Panel, and were trained and tested by HUD, unlike many of today’s FHA approved appraisers recently placed on the Lender Selection Roster. In addition, Joe Piekos is a former FHA Review Appraiser. Both consistently have had favorable field reviews from HUD. If your company specializes in selling loans on the secondary mortgage market, be assured that we have a thorough understanding of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guidelines. This knowledge expedites processing and eliminates the need for call-backs and time-consuming rewrites. We provide clear and concise reporting. If you want it done right the first time, call us!


Do the math!Our fees are competitive for the menu of services that we offer, combined with the education and experience at the highest level. With Piekos Appraisals, you know you will consistently receive excellent quality reports on which to base sound decisions. Typical turnaround time for an appraisal order is five business days, even less when you are able to receive an appraisal electronically!