Demo Reports
Piekos Appraisals Demonstration ReportsWe have demonstration appraisal reports available for you to download, so you can judge for yourself the quality of our work. We also have sample reports of the new UAD compliant forms (1004, 1073, 1075 & 2055). There is the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR, Form 1004), which is widely used and accepted for mortgage only purposes. The Exterior Only Residential Appraisal Report (Form 2055), the FHA appraisal report, the VA appraisal report, and the Employee Relocation Council (ERC) report for relocation reports. We have a sample of the Individual Condominium Unit Report (Form 1073), the Exterior Only Condominium Report (Form 1075), and the Small Income Residential Property Report (Form 1025). There is also a Land Appraisal Report. We have also included a sample of the Appraisal Update/Completion Report (Form 1004D).

For private (i.e. non-lender) appraisal assignments, the Residential Summary Appraisal Report is recommended.

NOTE: Due to privacy issues, proprietary and/or non-public information have been redacted from the demonstration reports, including interior photographs, which would normally be included in an actual appraisal report.

These sample and demonstration appraisal reports are viewed and downloaded in .pdf format. To view or print .pdf files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed and configured as a helper application on your browser or available on your hard drive for manual file opening. If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat Reader for your platform, you can download a free copy from the appropriate link on the left (below). Installation and setup instructions are provided at the site.

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